Parts For Making
Your Own Toe-Tapper

Making your own Whizbang Toe-Tapper faucet switch is a relatively easy project if you have some woodworking tools and skills. Of course, you'll need to have the $3.99 PDF Specifications (these do not come with the parts kit). And if you would like to have all the parts (less the tap adapter) that are needed to make a Toe-Tapper, you can simply purchase the parts kit pictured above.

You'll notice some fuzz on the edges. They have been cut with a table saw and are not perfectly smooth. One swipe with a sharp block plane will give a smooth edge.

If you purchase the PDF specifications and also purchase of these parts kits (together or separately), I will refund half of what you paid for the specifications ($2.00). This refund applies to only one kit purchase.

I don't sell the tap adapters with the kits because I can't buy them wholesale, and I don't want to warranty them if/when they eventually fail. So you can buy one or two of them (it's nice to have a spare) from Gardener's Supply

Money-Saving Tip: If you sign up at Gardener's Supply to receive their e-mail updates, they will send you information for making your first purchase with Free shipping. And they will have free shipping offers in future e-mails. That has been my experience.

Price: $18.95 (plus $6.95 for shipping)
Availability: Sorry, these are currently out of stock and it is uncertain when they will be available.